Novica Nakov

On the meeting points of politics and technology. Writer. Dreaming about scuba diving.

Novica holds MRes Human righst and International Politics from the University of Glasgow, and a MA in International Relations and BSc in Economics form Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. Novica is probably best known for writing a small book about the Macedonian authoritarian regime. Most of the time he talks about free software and in its social implications, and more broadly in how law, technology and economics interact, and also about media, the Internet and censorship. In the past years Novica worked on policies and laws, most notably, the proposal for the Macedonian free software policy which for some time has been shelved by the government, the Macedonian Internet blackout to raise awareness about the controversial bill to hold ISPs reliable for content published by users, and a policy paper proposing a reform of the Macedonian citizen identification number. By day he mostly work as an accountant.

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