Projects and events

Chevening day: Memorizing or creatively (co)constructing knowledge?

» 21.11.2016

MCAA is organising a Chevening day event that will include a debate discussion - Memorizing or creatively (co)constructing knowledge? Chevening scholars’ Macedonian and UK educational experiences. More »

Strengthening the influence of the Chevening network across Macedonia

» 23.09.2016

The purpose of this project is strengthening MCAA position in the capital and establishing new partnership and cooperation, enhancing the image of Chevening scholarship and the British culture and heritage. More »

Chevening café: Accountability of Rulers - From Shakespeare to Present Day

» 23.09.2016

The event is following the commemoration of the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death, and its aim is to promote the excellence of British education through celebrating the legacy of this remarkable British icon. More »

Celebrating 20 years of Chevening in Macedonia

» 30.10.2015

This project aims to promote the achievements of the Chevening scholars to the general public, but also promote the opportunities for the future potential applicants. Throughout the past 20 years, Chevening has greatly contributed to Macedonia’s social, political and economic development. Yet, this has not been promoted well enough and there is great space to raise the public awareness on the issue. This project was financed by FCO Strategic Programme Fund and Bilateral Programme Fund in 2014. The project was realized in the period October – December 2014. More »

Strategic Planning and Team Building Workshop

» 30.10.2015

Strategic workshop for the key MCAA members under facilitation of an external expert in strategic management was realized in the period 30.10-01-11.2015 in Struga. More »
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