MCAA is a widely recognized network of professionals, educated in the UK, which represents a reference point for:
▪ Ambitious individuals wishing to continue their education in the UK,
▪ Chevening alumni’s continuous professional development and networking,
▪ International and domestic cooperation with organizations and individuals, relevant for the work of the association.


MCAA works to promote the Chevening scholarship scheme and to strengthen and expand its network of scholars through sharing knowledge, expertise and experience with an aim to enhance UK-MK ties, and contribute to the development of Macedonian society. To that end it strives to create an acknowledged and influential hub of experts with leadership potential in order to stimulate and capitalize their knowledge and experiences for the benefit of their communities, and to establish cooperation with other relevant organizations.

Values and key approach – why to partner with MCAA?

▪ Commitment and professionalism
▪ Transparency and accountability
▪ Respecting differences
▪ Promoting equality and solidarity
▪ Practicing volunteering and social responsibility

▪ Capacity development and organizational learning through transferring knowledge and skills gained in the UK 
▪ Innovativeness 
▪ Networking and cooperation 
▪ Advocacy and Lobbying 
▪ Community development through social responsibility and voluntarism 
▪ Social responsibility practices and volunteerism aimed at giving back to the community 
▪ Transformative interventions focusing on MCAA sustainability

MCAA Strategic Goals:

Strategic goal 1: Organizational development focused on introducing management structures and policies, as well as sustainability strategies
Strategic goal 2: Establishment of a hub of alumni professionals, recognized in Macedonia, for and actively used by the academic, government and business community
Strategic goal 3: Enhancing the image of the Association through building strategic alliances and applying socially responsible practices to contribute to the community development
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